Merchandiser Connection was built by and for merchandisers. We were frustrated with the challenge of finding retail work and heard from retail companies about their difficulty finding qualified, professional merchandisers. Out of this need, Merchandiser Connection was born. Our intention is to provide a place where merchandisers can view available work assignments and corporations can connect with first-class merchandisers.  We are making the connection!

Merchandiser Connection Inc is an Independent Contract Company. Independent contract merchandisers are considered their own companies. When you are performing a task accepted it is your responsibility to work safe. Always aware of unsafe conditions and keeping your work area safe and free of debris. As your own company you are responsible for accidents caused by your negligence. You are responsible for your own medical coverage if injured working in a store as a contractor for Merchandiser Connection Inc. 


How do I work for you?

If you are interested in working with us, please complete the "Merchandiser Sign Up" found on our home page.  This serves as our independent contract and will get you listed in our system as a preferred merchandiser.  Completing the Merchandiser Sign Up will give you an opportunity to tell us about your experience as well as how to best contact you.  When we have an assignment we think you would be a good candidate for, we will call or email to check your availibility.  You can accept or decline the project at that time. 


How do you schedule merchandisers?

When an assignment becomes available, the team at Merchandiser Connection searches our extensive database for the best qualified merchandiser.  Potential merchandisers are contacted by phone or email. If the merchandiser accepts, the project is then assigned. 


What are the merchandiser's requirements?

Requirements vary from project to project.  Some assignments may require the ability to read and set to a planogram. The specific requirements are set by the retail company to determine exactly what skills will be necessary to quickly and thoroughly complete tasks.  Generally, the merchandiser must be physically able to lift at least 40lbs.  


How will I be paid?

After you have completed a store visit or project, you will need to visit our web site to post your time.  This is your way of billing us for the work you have done.  We ask that you post your time within 24-48 hours of completing the work, as we need time to bill the company you have worked for.  Anything submitted later than ten days after completion may not be paid.  Payroll is processed every other Friday, with checks being sent out via US Mail.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide direct deposit or other methods of payment at this time.  For specific pay dates, please click the tab below. Please be aware, these are the dates checks are physically put in the MAIL, not the date you will receive it.  You should allow up to five business days after a scheduled payday for your paycheck to arrive.



From Date   To Date   Pay Date
12/19/17 thru 1/1/18 paid on 1/12/18
1/2/18 thru 1/15/18 paid on 1/26/18
1/16/18 thru 1/29/18 paid on 2/9/08
1/30/18 thru 2/12/18 paid on 2/23/18
2/13/18 thru 2/26/18 paid on 3/9/18
2/27/18 thru 3/12/18 paid on 3/23/18
3/13/18 thru 3/26/18 paid on 4/6/18
3/27/18 thru 4/9/18 paid on 4/20/18
4/10/18 thru 4/23/18 paid on 5/4/18
4/24/18 thru 5/7/18 paid on 5/18/18
5/8/18 thru 5/21/18 paid on 6/1/18
5/22/18 thru 6/4/18 paid on 6/15/18
6/5/18 thru 6/18/18 paid on 6/29/18
6/19/18 thru 7/2/18 paid on 7/13/18
7/3/18 thru 7/16/18 paid on 7/27/18
7/17/18 thru 7/30/18 paid on 8/10/18
7/31/18 thru 8/13/18 paid on 8/24/18
8/14/18 thru 8/27/18 paid on 9/7/18
8/2/18 thru 9/10/18 paid on 9/21/18
9/11/18 thru 9/24/18 paid on 10/5/18
9/25/18 thru 10/8/18 paid on 10/19/18
10/9/18 thru 10/22/18 paid on 11/2/18
10/23/18 thru 11/5/18 paid on 11/16/18
11/6/18 thru 11/19/18 paid on 11/30/18
11/20/18 thru 12/3/18 paid on 12/14/18
12/4/18 thru 12/17/18 paid on 12/28/18
12/18/1 thru 12/31/18 paid on 1/11/19
1/1/19 thru 1/14/19 paid on 1/25/19


What about filing tax on my income?

Merchandiser Connection is an independent contract company.  This means that we have no "employees".  Everyone who performs work for us is an independent contractor.  Because we are not an employer, we will not withold income tax from your check. At the end of the year, instead of a traditional W2, you will receive a 1099 form to report your income. We still require your social security number to process payroll.  Paychecks cannot be issued unless we have complete information.


What is the dress code?

Merchandisers must wear a shirt with a collar. Polo type, pull-over shirts are permissible. Casual dress is acceptable, such as khaki pants, nice jeans, or other slacks. Sneakers or other rubber-soled shoes are preferred.  No T-shirts, shorts or open-toed shoes. No facial jewelry. Any other jewelry should be minimal. All valuables are worn at your own risk.  Every merchandiser should have a name badge, though we understand that if you are working with little notice or just performing one assignment, this may not be possible. 


What if I get sick or experience an emergency?

We've all experienced an unexpected illness or family emergency.  If  you are scheduled for a project and are unable to go, please CALL into the office as soon as possible.  Our toll free office number is (877)242-0999. If you cannot reach an on-call manager, please leave a voice mail so that we can find a replacement as quickly as possible.