Management Team

Merchandiser Connection is led by an experienced team of industry leaders whose direction, marketplace expertise, and strong understanding of customer needs have resulted in exceptional growth and success. 

Ila Miller President

Ila spent over 20 years in the retail grocery industry, starting at the bottom before working her way up to senior management. She then began merchandising for several smaller independent companies. Realizing there had to be a better way for companies and merchandisers to connect, she founded Merchandiser Connection in 2005. With Ila's experience in retail and focus on delivering quality merchandisers, her business has grown expotentially at a time when the rest of the economy is floundering.   You may contact Ila by email at

Ria Indermuehle

Ria began her career in retail.  With exceptional people skills and a keen eye for detail, it didn't take Ria very long to become a department manager.  Ria joined the family business in 2009, where she wears many hats.  Ria manages accounts, assists with payroll and recruits top notch merchandisers.  You may contact Ria by email at

Jennifer Triplett

Like many people in merchandising, Jennifer began her career in retail.  Her focus on delivering a high quality of customer service to both internal and external clients led to a career in marketing and sales.  In addition to managing accounts for MC, Jennifer works one on one with many of our merchandisers.  A "people person", she especially enjoys the wide variety of folks she gets to encounter on a daily basis.   You may contact Jennifer by email at